Rotterdam collection

The current daily photo stream of the Dutch national press agency ANP consists of over 50.000 images from all over the world. For many decades, the domestic news photo production has been in the hands of professional photojournalists who cover the news in all disciplines; from hard spot news to features, from entertainment to sports, from politics to social documentary.

The oldest Dutch images in the photo database of ANP originate from the 1900s. Caption Photo Gallery (CPG) has the exclusive print rights for the collections of ANP. For Haute Photography, CPG has created a special collection of Rotterdam throughout its history.

With Rotterdam being the most no nonsense city of The Netherlands, its personality is shown throughout much of the imagery of the city; what you see is what you get. Our collection presents many aspects of this personality and history, starting with the great street scenery from the pre WW II, the subsequent bombardment of the city and the eventual postwar rising, with the modern architecture that inspired so many great Dutch shooters.



Pre-war era

Rotterdam has undergone major changes in its look and architecture over the years. Many have since forgotten the Rotterdam of the pre war era. A typical Dutch style city with its beautiful facades. Our collection gives you a unique glimpse into the zeitgeist of the time. A large mixed city with many wealthy offices, warehouses at the harbor, and most of all working class laborers trying to make due in the hustle and bustle of this major city.

War and rebuild

World War II is the single most impactful event for the city of Rotterdam, with the scars of war still visible in the forever changed architecture of the city. The subsequent rebuilding of Rotterdam is what finally shaped it into the city we all know and love. This collection was made to remember this period, the cost of the war, and the effort to rebuild the city to what it is today.

Modern Rotterdam

After the rebuild in the 50s, Rotterdam redeveloped itself into what it is today. A modern city build on industry, featuring the largest port of Europe. This collection is focused on showing you the iconic aspects of this city. Its workers at the harbor, the city center which even now has not changed all too much, and other landmarks which remind us all why this city is so great.


In addition to the collection of historical images of Rotterdam, we've created a series of photos for Feyenoord. Rotterdam's biggest footbalclub and a proud icon for many of its inhabitants. This selection features its most special moments captured by the press. The final, and its only win, against Celtic in the 1970 European cup. The subsequent celebrations in Rotterdam. And many other moments in its history, featuring some of their legends like Willem van Hanegem, and Rinus Israƫl.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Prints

All of our prints are meticulously printed and framed by Martin Zwaan. Printed on Hahnemuhle fibregloss baryta paper, framed with veneered aluminium, and protected by museum glass.

About Caption Photo Gallery

Caption photo gallery (CPG) is located in The Hague, Netherlands. We provide clients with an art interested with custom art selections for print. These are selections are handpicked from our partner ANPfoto's vast library of over 10 million photos. At CPG, we ensure that the photos in the database that we select fit our strict criteria for quality, artistic vision, and storytelling. This all in line with our clients wishes with the goal of providing artworks for them that will last generations.

This Rotterdam selection is handpicked for Haute Photographie with the goal of showing Rotterdam's photographical history in a way that hasn't been seen much as of yet. To give its visitors a unique view and story of the city and to celebrate its many accomplishments.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this selection, Haute Photographie, or if you just have general questions about art work in general. We'd love to get in contact with you to see how we can help provide you with amazing art prints for your decor or business.

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